Spring brings new projects

Had the good fortune this month to join the roster of Pérola Brasileira (http://perolabrasileira.bandcamp.com) on both mandolin and guitar. Featuring frontwoman Megan Haupt, backed by guitars, bass and horns, we’re covering classic Samba, Bossa, Tango and even some Choro in a modern style. You can catch us at our standing gig at Press Club every first Thursday of the month.

Meanwhile, the Hot Club of Hawthorne has moved to its new residence on the second Thursday of every month at Press Club. Last month we had an enthusiastic and attentive audience. As the summer picks up, so will the tempos and energy. The improving weather will also bring more gigs for the band, including the Portland Saturday Market on April 13th at 1:30pm.

Happy Spring!

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